Expression Practice 1 by TigerPillow

Expression Practice 1


13 February 2018 at 23:06:14 MST

Y'all thought I was kidding didn't you! I have art to post =3

I want to start right of the bat and say that these were partially traced from NowAndLater's stuff because I love they way they do expressions. I wanted to see if I can figure out why my old expressions felt so stale and stiff and I think I have learned a lot. The main thing is I need to be more free with the eye and mouth shapes. Also doing the eye brow line BEFORE doing the eyes helps a lot too. Also the one on the lower left is me trying Ace's hair a bit on a face. I think I'm going to figure out a new hair style for him. I've always kinda had trouble getting it to look right. But I have also always had trouble drawing hair in general X3.

Anyway I plan on doing more of these. Probably gonna find other artists to work with so I don't just copy one style. Hope you enjoy ^^

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