Sixthxthird gen. by tigerlilylucky

Sixthxthird gen.


9 April 2015 at 17:49:42 MDT

Since the Hoenn remakes are coming soon. I made the Hoenn pairing batch for my friends. Hydreigon225 of his otp of ChesnaughtxSceptile, Weirda of her otp of GreninjaxSwampert, and my number one favorite otp which is none other than BlazikenxDelphox.

What do all of these have in common? Well, three of the kalos starters are female and all three of the hoenn starters are male. These are actual oc characters. Weirda's Marshall and Grenouille, my characters Apollo and Racheal, my character Anna and Kyle's(Hydreigon225) sceptile.

I really love these pairing as well, greninja and swampert do fit very well together, a tank with a very fast sweeper and they're both amphibians. My love for the predatorxprey pairing of BlazikenxDelphox along with their very unique secondary typing(even though there's 2 other starters that have fire/fighting type), and the 3rd otp pairing gotta be my favorite too because it's a knightxdragon shipping.