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You are my hope by tigerlilylucky

You are my hope


This is a redo of my previous sketch of the starters and I do admit the drawings I did for kalos starters were really rushed so I decided to redo the two pics and submit my favorite 3 Kalos starters pairing. One of my absolute favorite kalos pairing, that I love these two that they both got their own theme song that fit really well with each other.

This three of the kalos artwork took me a long time to finished and I'm glad I color every each and one of them. The kalos starters I drawn now made me smiled from improving better after drawing them bit by bit. Though I admit I drawn a lot of Racheal and Apollo, and I know at first the idea for Racheal took me some time to think and after looking through the comic with blazikenxfenniken it just inspired me to make them into a pairing that seems to fit well for me(I know not everyone feels the same and I respect that) and really I do wish delphox gets more love than hate from just the judge of it's design.

Racheal's theme Bravely Default's Wind's course:

Apollo's theme Bravely Default You are my Hope:


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    Oddly, I wasn't so good with Delphox on my Pokémon Y game, but in both the original and relaunched 3rd generation games Blaziken has been a go-to and favorite for me; I guess I'm more the physical type, through and through.

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      Delphox is pretty good, it's pretty fast and have overall good movesets especially in the 3rd gen it does learn calm mind, dazzling gleam, wish(egg moveset), it's just there are some pokemon like have pretty good sp.def but psyshock can be a good move for a pokemon that has low def. I taught my delphox grass knot, psyshock, flamethrower, and calm mind. I love blaziken too sweeps pretty good too. x3