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Pokemon Moon Team by tigerlilylucky

Pokemon Moon Team


Name: Haupia
Species: Primarina
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Type: Water/Fairy
Ability: Liquid Voice
Status: Mated to Keahi
Hold item: Leftovers: It is worn like a ribbon
unlike the friendship bracelet and pink ribbon
she doesn't always wear this, it's an optional accessory
used to last longer in battles.
Moveset: Light Screen, Moonblast, Hypervoice, Ice beam
History: Haupia lost both her parents from a Milotic, due to this
she been learning how to survive in the wild on her own from common
predators like Sharpedos and Noiverns. She was however unfortunate
as to get injured by bottlecap rings that was littered by people. Linear
eventually helped saved her life as she discovered Haupia lying on
the coast of one the Melemele regions in route 1. Haupia then wanted to be Linear's
Pokemon hoping she can become stronger by being trained by her trainer's

During the time she was a Popplio she was then greeted by a friendly
Litten who wanted to be friends with them. They both enjoyed each other's company
to the point they both had friendship bracelet, their bond became even closer when
they evolved. The sealion mermaid and the tiger do share hidden feelings. It was when
Haupia confesses through a kiss to the incineroar that they became an officially a couple.

One of Linear's Pokemon, her pink Greninja Zelos had missed being
a father decided to take Haupia as his own child. Not only this, he helps
improve her agility, and her defensive capabilities before gradually teaching
her offensively.

Bio: Haupia, at first was nervous being a leader or doesn't deemed herself as a leader
quality seeing she's not the one who like to give orders to her teammates. Instead
she see's her teammates as friends rather than being a team. But eventually
she realized that friends would need a team leader to pull them through. She's
always cheerful and tries to brighten everyone's day. However, she doesn't like
being the one 'forced' to do something she doesn't like doing or being fawn over
because of her beauty. For her defense she often water gun people or Pokemon
if they randomly appear at her. Even though she loves hugs she prefers strangers
give consent rather than straight up and hug her.

Has a unique fear of callophobia, being afraid of becoming more beautiful than she already is which is a opposite of how Primarinas usually enjoy viewing themselves. It is due to the reason of afraid of getting unwanted attention and popularity of being adore by people/Pokemon she doesn't know and they would clamored over her. She does enjoy simple clothing and accessories simply that doesn't change too much of her look.

Always wears the pink ribbon and friendship bracelet. The pink ribbon is given as gift from her foster father Zelos, and the friendship bracelet was given from Keahi before they become mates.

Enjoys heights, such as flying on her sister Livian(Noivern). Or when she was a Popplio she would enjoy hanging onto her father while he jumps through trees. She is pretty much is a daredevil. Even being around Carnitas the Sharpedo whom she used to have prejudiced of predator but now realized not all predators are awful and some have their own different preference of hunting prey.

She prefers to have male friends than females. It could be because she's used to be hanging around a group of males like her teammates. Haupia does however respect and love her female trainer, Linear. She is best/good friends with Keahi(Incineroar), Percival(Lyncanroc), Kale(Primarina), Ruban(Ribombee), Fabu(shiny Swampert), Jake(shiny beagle Vaporeon), Julian(papillon Sylveon), Emblem(Sceptile), Tilly(Primarina), Cesar(Incineroar), and a bunch more.

There are a few gals she's friends with like Cassandra(Delphox) and Beatrice(Samurott).

Name: Percival
Species: Lycanroc(midnight)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Type: Rpck
Ability: Vital Spirit
Status: Mated to Dawn(midday lycanroc)
Hold Item: None.
Moveset: Crunch/Rock slide/Return/Fire Fang(egg move)
History: Was caught by Linear in Vast Poni Island, she was her Pokemon immediately
due to Linear love for some canine Pokemon. Percival is rather gullible, believing everything
that other Pokemon would tell stories. When he evolved he eventually mated to Dawn
without properly getting to know her. They eventually did get to know each other better
since Cassie is Linear's friend. Not too much of his history other than he was an almost
'wild' breed of rockruffs. Unlike some aggressive midnight lycanrocs he's more playful
and less mean spirited, although he tends to get into trouble without realizing it.
Bio: He's a really friendly midnight lycanroc, maybe a little too friendly for his own good
at times. He tends to get into trouble like a regular dog and doesn't know it. Percival tries to
help others even though in some situations he can't. Obeying commands isn't something
he had a hard time grasping, he does learn eventually how to behave but even then he
does get into bad situations; Linear doesn't stay mad at him too long neither is his friends,
and teammates.

Despite having his rather keen nose it's no match for Zoomy's incredible nose(Linoone). Percival doesn't behave like Zoomy when he retrieve items, and actually gives the items instead of playing around with his trainer.

When he sees his friends or innocent people/Pokemon get hurt, he does unleashed his wild werewolf side.
Has a bad habit of digging when he's anxious.

Other than Ruban(who eats honey) and Sylvester, he never hunts other wild Pokemon for food, he eats Pokefoods instead.

Loves being pet on the head than getting belly rubs.

He wears a spiked collar to avoid getting into fights from other territorial lycanrocs.

Name: Sylvester
Species: Toucannon
Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Skill Link
Status: Mated to Iohana
Hold Item: Quick Claw
Moveset: Fury Attack, Roost, Drill Peck, Steel Wing,
History: Sylvester actually grew up without a father but he knew right away he has a feather
collar similar to Honchkrows. He was then caught by Linear and was her second Pokemon.
The woodpecker does often gets into fights with Archimedes the Rowlet at times and still doesn't
get along with her now. He has a huge crush on another Pikipek name Iohana, and always flirts with
her every chances that he sees her. During the time when Archimedes introduced her granddaughter,
he tried to be friends with Lanita when she was a Dartrix and Koa when he was a Rowlet. Yet, the
grandmother refuses to have them interact despite the fact Sylvester is only trying to be friends with
Lanita . Aside from Archimedes sharp tongue, he didn't like the negative atmosphere she created around
her grandchildren especially her grandson Koa and even her highly praised granddaughter. She was the one
guilt tripping Koa into having low self-esteem, and pressuring Lanita to become a better archer. He then grew
to ignore the Decidueye's insults and tried to help build up the broken pieces between the two families together.
Bio: If there's one thing to know about Sylvester. Is that he's a nosy. He loves to get into people and Pokemon
conversations. He does grasp a small ability to talk like Archimedes but it's no where as near perfect as
hers. Small things he knows how to say is, "How may I assist you? I'm angry, feed me, I'm happy, I'm sad, so-on,
bye bye."
He does teases his friends but more in a good way and not in a negative way like Archimedes. He does
help his teammates and friends and was the one that gives advice to Haupia if Zelos isn't busy.

Sylvester is actually really big, just enough that even his trainer Linear and Haupia can ride on him. Although he particularly didn't really like Haupia rides on him for sightseeing as it's pretty 'weird' to see a fish-like creature riding on a bird; however, they both do great in double battles together.

Sylvester hates getting shots, you have to go through lengths to have this bird pin down and get his shot, Steven(Kadabra) learns the hard way.

Like some endangered flying pokemon that Linear has, she had him wear a band on his ankle to keep track of the numbers of toucannon that live in Alola. Especially that he's one the 'unique' breeds of toucannon. The horn billed toucan.

His favorite fruit is the payapa, bluk, and the kebia berry.

He has a tint of blue from his fathers side as well.

Name: Ruban
Species: Ribombee
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Type: Bug/Fairy
Ability: Shield Dust
Status: Has a shiny girlfriend although he does kindna like Susan(masquerain) too.
Hold item: Silver powder
Moveset: Pollen Puff, Dazzling Gleam, Stun spore, Quiver Dance
History: Ruban is caught in the yellow fields in Melemele Meadow, he seems to be quite
timid like some common Cutieflies. And pretty much spends his life in the flowery fields
and getting along with even some of other bee like Pokemon like Combees with their Vesiqueens.
He got caught and was then introduced his newly teams. He's easily shy around new strangers and
was slowly warming up his new trainer. The Bee Pokemon did grow to be part of the new family and
even had the courage to befriend his avian teammates. With Cori(Sylveon), he has a good knowledge
of healing hence why his Pollen Puff move is able to cure some remedies of his allies.
Bio: Being the youngest of the group, he's always the kind of Pokemon who follows almost any given
order. He does view his trainer to be 'the queen' and Haupia the 'secondary queen'. His worst habit that
he tends to keep calling Haupia the 'queen' as she is the leader of the team and this embarrasses Haupia.
He does considered the team 'drones' and 'workers' which also doesn't make them feel any better. They
did acknowledge he is a bee and pretty much does what a Bee does.

Ruban's habits calling Haupia the 'queen' is inspired by one the transformers character Inferno who is a fireant. Although he does considers the King and Queen instead of just calling any gender a 'queen' ruling the colony(team).

He greatly admires Susan for being upfront and a strong bug.

He's more scared of fire Pokemon than bird Pokemon. As you can see why he's blatantly shocked of Haupia kissing Keahi. He's REALLY afraid of Cesar thanks to Weirda pointing it out that her incineroar towers the poor Ribombee greatly.

Very tiny compared to his teammates, originally Kissaki and Dao were the tiniest. He pretty much takes the cake of being the tiniest of them all. If you check at the Pokedex the little fella is '0'08'/0.2m while Kissaki and Dao were '1'00'/0.3m least he's taller than a Joltik in his evolution.

Considers himself a drone than a worker. Workers Cutieflies/Ribombees are usually the ones that gather the honey.

Name: Sachi
Species: Salazzle
Gender: Transgender Male
Nature: Impish
Type: Poison/Fire
Ability: Corrosion
Status: Single
Hold Item: Amulet Coin
Moveset: Toxic, Venoshock, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot
History (Warning this a rather long history):
In the Island of Akala, Sachi actually moved to Melemele island to stay away
from his own kind. Most likely because he didn't want to associate with manipulating
individual Pokemon and beings. He was a female Salandit, and preferred male pronouns.

When he moved to the first island he still retains the mischievous attitude like most Salandits;
stealing and playing pranks, he eventually met up with Haupia. At first, he didn't like her
but she wanted to be friends with Sachi despite his horrible pranks and was very forgiving.
She and Linear were the only ones that give him hugs, something that he couldn't have because
his body is toxic, yet they're really careful to support him when he's down and isn't happy.
The personality of Haupia is what made Sachi fall in love with her, he doesn't hide his feelings
for her very well. It can be his own affections tend to be too much for Haupia that she wasn't
sure how to react without breaking his heart. Then he saw Haupia with Keahi and that's when
his jealousy ensues. His plot to be with the Popplio was going far as to convince Haupia to play
with just him rather than with Keahi and their friends. Although Haupia rather to be with
her friend especially her best friend Keahi. Whenever Keahi's not in the picture he does love
to share moments with Haupia especially telling her stories about his native island. Why he
left his own kind to start anew in the island. His choice is to be friends and be only friends with
her and not the teammates.

Socializing with the other Pokemon is something Sachi lacked. His way to interact with them is
pulling pranks. This does eventually die down when Haupia was maturing, and in the end he knew
if he didn't stop he wouldn't get Haupia. He wished he would be Haupia dreamed of having, a sweet
cool looking guy that Haupia would admired all day; a better mate and she would love him naturally,
not controlling her emotions like the female Salandits/Salazzle would. During the time when he evolved
into Salazzle he begged Steven to make him into a male and it took a few days to become what he is,
a male salazzle. Gradually as Haupia became a primarina he couldn't stop flirting her. This made their
relationship strained.

Sachi took the matters into his own hands by stealing a shiny scrafy shedded skin to prevent his trainer
and Haupia being poisoned, he then got scolded for it by the Primarina that he loves. It then became a
huge mess of a battle between the enemy rival of Linear and Nate as they kidnapped Sachi. Sachi was
then rescued by Zoomy when she did found him and apologized to Haupia for his rash decisions and
how bad mannerly misbehaved towards her and offered to be friends like they were. Haupia felt guilty
and apologizes to him for pushing him away from their friendship and she wished to be friends with him
as well. All was good until...she kisses Keahi, leaving a rather broken heart of the Salazzle.
Biography: Sachi is very clever yet he has a sharp tongue to boot, he's picky when it comes towards choosing
friends distinctively considers Haupia the only friend he tolerate. Other than that he's usually the quiet
reserved yet looking like he's scheming. Which sometimes he does whenever he gets bored. He really
hates being group with his own kind of using the hormones to do whatever he truly wishes. For Sachi, it
seemed too easy and no fun or effort was to be made to control them into doing your own bidding. Which
one the reasons why he considers winning love is an achievement not an easy toy.

The Scafty's shed skin that Sachi is wearing is known to get rid of toxins easily, Sachi wears it so Linear and Haupia can safely hug him.

When talking to other pokemon he makes an extra 's' when he speaks.

Actually enjoys the beaches more than the volcanic ashes.

Favorite berry is Tamato berry, he hates durin berry because it has a strong smell. Loves to snack on wild alola
Ratatas, but doesn't go for evolved Raticates as they're much more aggressive and bigger. Salandits/Salazzle diet consists of: Ratatas, Diglett family, Grubbin family, Zubats, and Spearow.

He's still good friends with Haupia even when his heart is turned down.

Name: Dao
Species: Lurantis
Gender: Male
Nature: Hasty
Type: Grass
Ability: Leaf guard
Status: Single
Hold Item: Focus Lens
Moveset: Poison Jab, Leech Life, Sword dance, Leaf blade
History: He was caught along with Kissaki, since his trainer loves collecting 'bug'
Pokemon, it would've make sense she would catch it for her bug collection. Only to
realized this Pokemon isn't part bug, she still has it as her team anyways! Dao cares
about his sister Kissaki, at first was a little weary of his sister being with a Scizor
cyborg but realized they both fit together since he gotten time to know Chainsaw.
He aids his trainer by blending into the environment as he behaves like a flower to
analyzing the situation of the Pokemon poachers.
Bio: He is mistaken as a female at times which he doesn't care quite as much for what they
see as him. Dao's personality is different from his sister Kissaki who is shy to dance, he
dances in a wild vivid manner. At times there has been debates if Nate should trade with
Linear their Lurantis but it is a learning curve for Nate to handle the mantis Pokemon. That
doesn't mean Dao doesn't have his fair share of faults too. He's more cooperative in singles
than in doubles as he tend to accidentally hit his teammates at times. As far as siblings go
Dao is incredibly support of Kissaki and trains her to be as strong as him.

Dao is slightly smaller than Kissaki and smaller abdomen than she is.

Has a larger antenna than Kissaki.

Shorter skirt than Kissaki.

Smaller eyes than Kissaki.

He gets along fine with anyone.

Cesar and Koa(c)
Keahi, Kale, Iohana(c)
Tilly(c) http://