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23 May 2016 at 16:46:24 MDT

Finally got around to finish almost in time of :iconweirda: birthday!
Finally got around to finish almost in time of http://weirdamirrart.deviantart.com/?rnrd=178570 birthday!
part 2.

There's Jade orb, an equivalent of blue and red orb used to summon Rayquaza in SS/HG...
Rayquaza's typical godly eastern dragon which are often shown with pearl which are sometimes
mentioned to be its egg it carries. He was a respected Rayquaza among his kind and he was the one supposed
to be guardian of three orbs...but his brother, a shiny black Rayquaza fought him to make him lost the Jade orb
and left alone two elders from Mt.Pyre to let evil team obtain two other orbs...long story short, Shen Long lost all
three AND his face among other Rayquaza...something unforgettable! Luckily after the disasters caused by Primal titans.
The blue and red orb got returned; Shen Long with the help of Chui Hueng found also the last, the Jade orb. Shen Long
wished they would never got into hands of those who would disturb harmony.

Because orbs contain mysterious power, an energy that seems to be connected with legendary Pokemon's life, Shen Long
protected them..he is considered as the pearl egg eastern dragon keep. Shen Long wished they would travel on their own, so
Chui Hueng thought about they're like eggs which contain life and her belowed would protect and keep an eye on them as a
great father should. That's how I consider the birth of their childs. From three orbs containing mysterious power.

Red orb created Entei, blue Suicune and...jade orb a Raikou. It's not such nonsense if we keep in mind jade orb is not green orb,
but strictly refers to eastern dragon which is controlling the weather, can summon the rain and Thurndurus therian form refers to
eastern dragon having control over rainy clouds. Raikou in manga creates thunderstorms its mane and...Chuo Hueng and Shen Long's
Raikou child as very mature, caring, protective and pretty serious cat. His hidden power would be...dragon.

If you all remember Molly from http://weirdamirrart.deviantart.com/?rnrd=178570 a shiny female entei http://weirda208.deviantart.com/art/A-sketch-a-dream-became-true-584371357. This is the same entei. I am actually surprised
that the shiny entei almost has the exact same color palette as Molly from the movie. Shiny Entei doesn't have light blue eyes...but rather
um...dark blue like it face so I change it to make it like the actual Molly's eyes to pop out more. Although hard to see but she is sparkling I did
add sparkles on her. Ho-oh, was the most complicated bird to do details with yveltal, but I did take the time to do their feathers.

Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Entei, Raikou, Suiciune(c)Gamefreak and nintendo

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