Friends Pokesonas Insideout EDITION! by tigerlilylucky

Friends Pokesonas Insideout EDITION!


9 August 2015 at 09:28:11 MDT

So one my friends made a suggestion in her journal to draw
her sona as one the characters from Inside Out the movie. Welp I couldn't help but
accept that request with including my closest friends from Inside Out characters but
with their pokesonas included! X3

my sona tigersylveon aka the aracanine/sylveon is Joy. It makes sense as
I love being happy most of the time. And I wanted to bring happiness to others
as I can. I can be giving and generous sometimes. I always want to see the smile
of others and dislike seeing my friends go down at times. I'm considered to be very

My best friend is of course the most important of feelings is Sadness.
I think it's fitting for her, I know what she had gone through and she would often tell me these things
and how she felt about at stuff. I felt like Sadness she plays a important role and including my growing
love for art especially when it comes towards the feels.

Fear is my friend actually has anxiety issues. Though there are times she's
very confident to defend for her friends is where she really shines most and by standing up.
Even though she was scared to do it, but when it comes towards her friends she's willing to
help them. Although, she does have some serious issues when it comes towards her fear that
you can't help but feel to understand her better when she has to deal with it.

Hahaha this character I had the most fun drawing is Omg she is so hilarious. I love
her attitude and the way I draw her! Xd She's like PSH puhlease I'm more fabulous than Ammy~
one my close friends I talked to a lot in skype. Really funny girl and really portrays this character well
especially when we talked about certain characters we don't like. XD Oh her pokesona is a mixed
between an eevee and piplup. Is actually an another awesome person, even though she doesn't draw pokemon
she draws very unique OCs. And if there's something to be angry about, it's her. xD She's cool character
makes really hilarious memes too out of her friends(don't worry it's only a joke and we don't get offended for

All the characters(c) by their respective owners)