Pretty beautiful Kalos Starters by tigerlilylucky

Pretty beautiful Kalos Starters


4 August 2015 at 16:32:40 MDT

Sorry I ripped that pun out of 'Cover girls'. I wanted to showcase
just how beautiful the kalos starters. To me they're gorgeous~,
and a gift to my friend of just how beautiful her greninja

I really gotta say Kalos is a beauty region I wanted to showcase the starters
of their portrayal of how elegance, beauty, and their strong personality.
I had thought about what kind of outfit they should wear and what fitted them
most prominently. I had loved the Kalos starters very much and it is my top
number favorite design of these starters. Their design and the idea of it is brilliant.
Magic user, agility user(ninja/theif whichever you may prefer), and you have a warrior

The classes is what made enjoyed these three because it draws so much inspiration
of the classic rpgs. Choose your class? Pick out of three starters of those classes.
I love it, the idea and concept is that awesome to me.

And yes I love to draw the guys reaction of the girls...although I derped over Marshall's reaction

Here is seperate and more bigger detail of their designs.

Coming soon! The Handsome Stud Hoenn Starters.

Marshall and Grenouille(c)