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Stone under Alice Foot by Tigercloud

Stone under Alice Foot


27 April 2020 at 13:07:03 MDT

This was a small late Birthday Gift for sn0riat (Ekas)

Character (Giantess/Angel): Alice the Angel from AliceTheAngel (Ekas)
Character (Tiny): sn0riat from sn0riat (Ekas)


This is a small Birthday-Gift for sn0riat who lusts for feet all the time xD His character is more often in bad/unlucky situations in "Heaven" (not the christian religious Heaven, but the Heaven in their lore. He's often punished as Sinner by the Angels there, due to his kinks. Checkout sn0riats stuff on Eka, there are some funny comics with him :D
Alice is usually on sn0riats side or protects him, but here she steps unaware on him, how ever he has gotten under her foot~