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Breath of Fire Vore by Tigercloud

Breath of Fire Vore


This was a Request from tayayase (DA) / VertGreenHeart (Ekas)

Original-Image used as reference for the Pose:
Reference Image (DA) / Reference Image (Ekas) by Karbo (DA) / Karbo (Ekas) (I asked for permission before I used that^^)

Pred: Nina from Breath of Fire 3 ->
Prey: Nina from Breath of Fire 4 ->

I usually try to do my own pictures without such huge references, but it was kind of fun, trying to create a similar image like Karbo did just with different Characters.

I tried to improve my shading Technique a bit and also tried to add more "moving" into the image^^'

I hope you like it^^ And thanks again to Karbo (DA) / Karbo (Ekas) for the permission =)