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You better start talking! by TicklishWolf

You better start talking!


Rex: For last time, Why were you at the baseball stadium with a sniper riffle on July 13th?
Nathan: N-nothing of your business!
Rex: So be it...
Rex takes a paintbrush
Nathan: W-what will you do...?
Rex: I always loved draws...
Rex started to brush up and down Nathan's chest, circling his nipples and poking his torso with the soft brush. The wolf started howling and laughing, squirming and struggling with some tears falling down his red cheeks

Rex: Why the FUCK were you at the baseball stadium with a SNIPER RIFLE on July 13th? SPEAK TO ME!!
Nathan: HA HA! I can't tell you HA HA if you keep tickling my nipplHA HA HA HA!
Rex: Laugh all you want, bitch! We can stay here ALL NIGHT!
Duke: Rex, I think we have the wrong dog.

Newshift from DA drew this ^^ I love how this came out <3 I hope I can ask him for a point comission soon. Wanna see more! you should watch him, he does a wonderful art!

Rex, Duke and art by Newshift (DevianArt)
Nathan by me