Updated Tica Ref! by Tica

Updated Tica Ref!


28 October 2018 at 08:31:58 MDT

ahhhhhhh I'm finally finished with this!! I've been working on it for almost two years, here and there, in between commissions, and I'm so happy to finally have it finished!

Design highlights:

  • Tica is sloth-shaped and sloth-sized, if a bit on the larger side for a two-fingered sloth.
  • Now her height and weight are explicit: 3'6" and 20 lbs; that's about 107 cm and 9 kg.
  • She's mostly feral, but able to walk bipedally, which real sloths definitely cannot do.
  • She's still pretty awkward on two feet, though, and prefers being upside down whenever possible.
  • She always wears a flower over her left ear--but changes it regularly. If you're drawing her, draw your favorite flower in your favorite color!
  • Sloths move slow, and they have hollow hairs, so in the wild they often have algae growing on them. Tica does, now, too! But this is an optional part of the character design.

Sloths are very unique creatures, so if you want to draw a sloth and you haven't drawn one before, I highly recommend using a lot of photo references! (although I would recommend using a lot of photo references for anything you want to draw, hah)

I'm also making it clear that Tica is a biromantic asexual. IRL, I am simply bisexual, but Tica is 100% G-rated, kthxbai.

Tica is also totally open to wearing clothes... see here: https://www.weasyl.com/~tica/submissions/1697978/dress-up-time

Comparing this ref to my old ref... it's hard to believe how far my art has come in the years since I first started drawing Tica. I'm way better at drawing sloths now than I used to be~

Now I need to go out and commission some more badges, haha

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