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I have no words, sorry by Thundernawr

I have no words, sorry


4 June 2021 at 14:29:53 MDT

Commission for @ LycanrocTrash
And no, i just cant describe this picture
just no
why make me do this

If you like my draws and would like to have one made yourself, maybe consider commissioning me! Just write me a note on one of the Platforms i use!

Telegram @ Thundernawr (preffered) 
Twitter     @ Thundernawr
Weasyl         Thundernawr
Inkbunny      BlakeZekky
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SoFurry         BlakeZekky

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    Sugoi! Kawaii desu! gags I'm okay... gags I'm okay, but why? drops to my knees Look at how they crossdressacred your boy!