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2021 Commission Sheet by Thundernawr

2021 Commission Sheet


Anew Commission sheet! Did i upload that already? i dont even know o3o
But yeah, this is the new Sheet with the new pricing. Ive gone a slight bit up and i hope this is okay!

As i always mention, if you want to commission me, i am aviable everywhere, but if you can note me on telegram! Its easier to handle this way ouo

Thank you all for all the support you are giving me, it really helps in those times and im glad for every comm i get from you! Love you all >w<

If you like my draws and would like to have one made yourself, maybe consider commissioning me! Just write me a note on one of the Platforms i use!

Telegram @ Thundernawr (preffered) 
Twitter     @ Thundernawr
Weasyl         Thundernawr
Inkbunny      BlakeZekky
Furaffinity     Blake.Zekky
SoFurry         BlakeZekky

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