Etoh and Myst Full Color Badges - BLFC by Thornwolf

Etoh and Myst Full Color Badges - BLFC


18 April 2014 at 16:45:25 MDT

Some BLFC homework I've just finished, here's some full color badges for Etoh and Jamjams/Myst. They're so sweet! Thanks you guys :)

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    Like I said on twitter when these arrived, I seriously rushed to open this and as soon as I seen these, I jumped up and down and started to cry happy tears. These truly came out so amazingly, I'm just blown away by how perfect they are.

    I'm like... Still just so speechless, and I honestly cannot stop staring at these in awe..
    You not only made Myst and Etoh look so cute, you also captured them both so perfectly. ;n;
    I adore both their expressions, and how you are truly one of the few people who can get Myst right! Everyone makes her more wolf than samoyed, but you really made those samoyed features stand out so beautifully! I also must say, Etoh's face looks to cute for words! I love how foxish it is, which I've always admired your ability to do anatomy so perfectly.
    Now the coloring, glob I am so in love with the coloring! Its so smooth, yet I love the soft fur detail, and subtle shading. The backgrounds also really help make both characters stand out perfectly!

    Ugh, okay my comment is all jumbled and probably very confusing - But... I really just don't know how to fully tell you in words just how much I LOVE these! seriously, you are so amazing and the best artists we've ever had the chance and pleasure to meet and commission. Thank you again for these, and do expect an e-mail from me about another badge of my other character! And of course next year at BLFC expect more commissions from us! Lol. <3

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      Oh no! I think I missed your post on Twitter. Is your account locked? That could be why, I don't follow many ppl on my twitter so ppl @ me and I miss it if their account is locked D:

      I'm soooo pleased you like them. I was concerned about getting her markings right but your ref sheet was very clear. I love showing the differences in dog breeds and combining traits. I always strive to make things look like what they're supposed to instead of a generic canine, I'm pleased you liked the result!

      Thank you again for commissioning me :) You're great to work with and super sweet!

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        Oh poo, I didn't know that! But yeah my account is locked, but that's okay I pretty much just told you how I cried happy tears. Lol.

        But we both love them so much, and can't wait to show them off next year! You got both her and Etoh's markings perfect, and ugh I just love their faces so much! I do appreciate you taking the time to make her more Samoyed than wolf, since most people overlook that fact and just make her more wolf with minor samoyed traits.

        Defiantly need to commission you more! Will you be taking more badge commissions later in the year? I still want to get one of my other character since I know she'll look so awesome in your style. ^^

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          Yeah! Badges are pretty much open all the time, so whenever you're ready, please feel free to drop me an email :)

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    Cutiepies! ^.^