Tell me to go.. by The-Zombie-Cat

Tell me to go..


17 June 2019 at 21:19:50 MDT

Inspired pretty fully by this song:

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    The song has a great urgent pulse about it that I imagine would play well over a montage of their first night together.
    This is gorgeous and urgent and needy, much like the culmination of Bitter Pill. Fenris turned into my fave the last time I played DA2 too, poor old Anders.. Are you rivalmancing him? That's the better path to me, Mustel Friend-manced him because they both have such downers on mages, but I prefer the rivalry.
    I love Zee's DA self here, that hair is wonderful and you made a very handsome elf even more handsome :) gorgeous stuff, you must be proud xx

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      oh indeed I felt the melody and the lyrics suit the feel of the relationship well, at this point in it anyway lol
      yeah I went with Rivalmance this time and it is gorgeous! first time I rivalmanced anyone lol
      aw thank you dear <3 I was trying to decide who should be my new canon Hawke (and inquisitor- I went with Drak because it fit well especially with the arm thing lol) and Zee just fit so well with hawke's storyline and personality. originally the plan was for her to go through DA2 with just 'flings' with the romance options then I could say she goes after Bull once Inquisition events come around but I got absolutely swept away by the feels for she and Fenris together and the story there so plans changed lol

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        Agreed, it suits wonderfully, especially with Fenris's prickliness at the beginning.
        Wonderful, right? The Anders rivalmance is my fave of the two too. Have you got the little snippet where Anders mutters his concern for you being with Fenris, then Fenris comes over all sarcy? It's great :)
        (Oh hell, Drak would be an incredible inquisitor, lurking in Skyhold and sending out his armies to look after Thedas. I can see him having quite an animated chat with Three Eyes about engineering traps and such :) ) oh indeed a charming/sarcastic Hawke would really suit Zee's attitude. lol it's good to keep plans fluid for when pesky sexy beasts get in the way ;)

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          oh indeed! I was trying to hold back on my newly enflamed DA obsessions at least until i got my commission que finished but then i heard the song and was like whelp guess im gonna at least sketch this.. as you can see it turned into a fully finished piece because obsessions can't be sated by sketches alone XD
          I havent done Anders' rivalmance but I may have to try it sometime with a random character :) Zee and Anders honestly didn't get along all that well ^^; so he wasn't out much with her unless he had to be or she knew she'd need healing lol but the only fenris-related interaction i got was after the first night with fenris and he leaves, so the conversation was Anders telling Zee she could do better and Fenris telling him it's over anyway and Anders saying something like 'good I knew she had some sense to her' or something like that- but given who Zee is as a character and how quickly she cares for people very deeply she was head over heels for fenris by that point so Anders' comment there really got under her skin and she protested bringing Anders along again for a good while lol

          (oh indeed I thought it worked pretty well lol the biggest draw was the canonical limb loss XD but I've always viewed the Inquisitor to be someone jsut completely and utterly thrown in over their head and that suits Drak really well lol lots of parallels to the time he was King in the WoW-verse. he tries to know what he's doing but HATES being in the spotlight and making important decisions and getting on people's bad sides lol luckily in my version of the story he had both Zee and Tryana there leading him through or at least offering opinions after Adamant but it also put it in his head that if either of those girls were there -before- the inquisition moved to skyhold, one of -them- would have been named inquisitor and all he'd have to do was show up for rifts and seal them closed and so he's a bit bitter that they didn't turn up sooner lol)

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            lol it's wonderful to see, I know carving out personal time is nigh on impossible at the moment so it's always grand to see a rare personal pic like this.
            Anders' rivalmance is beautiful. In a very twisted and troubled way. You basically push him into losing control over Vengeance. Poor guy has really lost it by Act 3 even in your personal life. Oh this bit is actually a cut scene rather than a party banter. When you're heading into one of the many underground places. Awww indeed, he's hurt at being rejected and lashing out his hurt on the one who 'got' Zee. But Fenris's response 'leaving was the hardest thing I've ever done' was heart wrenching. If you go with Anders after Fenris leaves, Fenris is still protective, warning that if Anders ever hurts Hawke, Fenris will kill him. It was a lovely little triangle, improved even further if you had Isabella too ;)

            (Ooh yes that works well for him, definitely <3 yes I wouldn't have seen the parallels there but yeah it certainly does make sense, poor guy can't catch a break in any universe lol oh I bet he adores the judging moments then..! Sat in his throne before all those people watching him expectantly. Does he find any attraction in Bull's offer 'to let someone else be in charge for a bit' it seems to me Drak might find that idea appealing. I can see Bull having to pretty much shove Drak out of their private room back into the public eye ;) then them both getting embarrassed by Cole's little commentary. :) lol poor guy, he can't blame them for that ;)

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              oh indeed it was lovely to work on something personal and feelsy for once in what feels like a huge long while lol now I have Tryana nagging at me for one of her own because how dare I not do something of she and Sten so that might be my next personal break lol
              oh gosh!! it sounds super interesting so I'll definitely have to check it out <3 though poor guy <3 I already feel bad enough due to how things ended in Zee's playthrough :/ in her mind it was putting him out of his misery.. she saw the changes in him, especially through act 3, and how much he was kind of slipping his grip on reality and morals and she outright refused to help him break into the chantry if he wasn't gonna tell her why, so things weren't great between them at the end at all..
              oh indeed Anders is -so- easy to lock into a relationship with so I went into the playthrough knowing I had to shoot him down pretty much right off the bat ^^; chose some option that ended up being like 'i dont want you thinking of me that way' and it kicked off the rift between them when Anders was like 'stop telling me what to think' and then the relationship between them didn't really improve much from there. I think he was still around neutral by the end, maybe a bit above or below, becuase their personal interactions didn't really ever go over well but Zee was heavy mage support so she did garner some approval there, so things remained kind of in the middle for them ^^;
              OH! I have gotten that scene before with Fenris and Anders but it was on a different playthrough lol never had them both going in a romance succession liek that but Zee did bed Isabela before she persued fenris' romance. it was always up in the air when I went into that playthrough which one of the two she was gonna end up with because I knew both Isabela and Fenris could suit her well and grab and hold her attention really well. but in the end it was Zee's draw to a )publicly( tortured past that locked her onto fenris. Isabela didn't have an easy life either, but she's more upbeat about it and doesn't get to into the nitty-gritty of her past in-game, at least not before Zee'd already set herself on Fenris anyway lol

              (Bull would be too much for Drak lol yeah the idea of not being the one in charge would be nice, but they likely wouldn't get along much well elsewhere ^^; Drak's canon romance is gonna be Dorian :) Dorian is loud and confident but in a way that's not quite as booming and overbearing as Bull XD plus they have the mage and necromancy things in common, they're both really intelligent guys, Dorian has no pressure for anything behind him (not that Bull does either but it's a compilation of other things as well)
              plus you know my love for opposites and the fire adn ice vibes with them is wonderful :3 plus ofc if I'm gonna do a mlm romance I must go for Dorian lol I -must-. i don't like playing men much but Dorian's exclusivity means when I do play a guy I gotta go for him ;) )