Jaime looks at the Undertale fandom by TheViktor

Jaime looks at the Undertale fandom


6 October 2016 at 09:11:53 MDT

So yeah, against her own better judgement, Jaime has been playing the indie RPG [i]Undertale[/i] and been rather... well, you can see the result for yourself. She only played the good ending run and will NEVER played it again because... Well, you tell me.

So yeah, to me, Undertale is one of THE most depressing games out there. I still have some anxiety attacks at times when I think about it. The story, the characters, the lore... EVERYTHING is there to make you feel MISERABLE and reconsider how you will play games in the future... Well not really, but still! The fandom is even more depressing, especially the fanmade comics and such. And I don't mean depressing as in a bad way, but more like that the fanfics shows in details in some of the rather gruesome details from that game specifically when you decide to be a bit... evil in your play through.
So in short, great game but MAAAAAAAAAAN is it sad.

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