Anjimoto by TheUmbraArtist



18 May 2015 at 07:48:37 MDT

This is a characturised painting I did in remembrance of a beloved pet. RIP.

Many people think fish are boring and dont do much, dont have personalities etc. But they do, and Anjimoto my pet beta did and showed me how much of a personality he had. For a start despite the type of fish to be known to be agressive, Anjimoto was easily scared, if there were too many people in the room he would hide, but just with me he was fine. He also didnt bite, and I could play with him with my finger chasing him around (or vice versa). He also liked swimming up against my finger as long as he didnt feel trapped or squished, and would do it himself, he was a very kind fish. He would also look forward to interacting with me and would swim at the glass to get my attention. They get lonely and bored too. He lived for around a year and unfortunately when you buy these from pet stores they are already adults so his age got to him, but he was a beautiful companion, keeping me company often as I studied at my desk.
Animals have feelings too regardless of whether its a cat, dog, horse or fish.
This was also my first ever attempt at painting a back ground.

You can see the vid of this being painted here:
His song: El dorado, by: Two steps from hell
(its totally his music, the little adventurous toughy)

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