How dare you? by TheTundraGhost (critique requested)

How dare you? (critique requested)


25 June 2017 at 10:27:26 MDT

A really old painting that was rotting unfinished for too long. There are many things I would do differently now, but repainting the whole thing would have taken too much time, so I made a few changes and decided to call it finished.

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    Wow. You are amazing at shading! This is absolutely gorgeous, the only problem I have is the back horn. It looks a bit weird.

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      Thank you! And yes, I can see what you mean, I'm not happy with how that looks either, but this is something to keep in mind and learn from the next time I paint a creature with horns. :)

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    Hey there. Overall this is a solid piece, why are you asking for advice! Joking aside, there area few things I noticed.

    Your linework and ability to create an environment is solid, the post is great. For the horn perhaps it could be moved a smidge to the right (back) but the persepctive and angle of it seems right to me.

    What I'm looking at is the way you colored it. You did an excellent job in diffusing your environment color to the character. However it seems a bit saturated.

    While the lightibg placement is good, the colors are intense, which is fine, but to the point where the saturation may take away from the piece. When I squint at the drawing it's a little hard for me to easily pick things apart, which leads me to think that there could possibly be a change to make your character stand out more.

    This could be done with a different primary or secondary lightsource, which I see you included both abd did a great job. Another way I feel you could pull the character from the canvas is a stronger highlight around the edge of the character where your primary lightsource hits.

    Overalll though wonderful piece and thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you for your in-depth feedback, I'll definitely try to keep these pieces of advice in mind for future paintings. :)

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    i really dig the color choices and the overall rendering of this piece! especially the left horn, how it's a little out of focus compared to the rest of the subject. the character's expression still has emotion, which can be tricky to pull off with more detailed paintings!

    one piece of advice i might give: try to avoid tangents, like where the claw intersects the neck, and the top of the right horn intersects the border of the piece. try to bump the line to either side of the connection: tangents tend to draw the eye away from other, more important details.

    thank you for sharing this amazing painting!! i can't wait to see more from you!!

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      Thank you so much! And thank you for the piece of advice as well! I'll try to keep this in mind for future paintings :)