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Blood Rage by TheTundraGhost (critique requested)

Blood Rage (critique requested)


15 June 2016 at 13:35:25 MDT

Ballpoint pen drawing from my sketckbook with some digital after effects. The red background was colored with a Prismacolor marker.
I remember this drawing was started in a class called Visual cognition. It was a pretty weird class, it's hard sum up what exactly it's theme was, but I do managed to get the best possible grade for my essay.

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Visual / Traditional


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    I had to stare at this for a while to figure out something that could be mentioned as part of a critique, and the only thing I could come up with is something involving the character's hand. This is regarding the hand drawn directly below his face (his right hand, our left visually). Where the fingers connect to the hand, and the sharp jut of the wrist seems a bit drastic. I tried to get my hand/wrist into the same pose for reference, and I just couldn't do it/get it to look like that.

    I really enjoy all of the little details you put into your work, such as the beard, hair, teeth.. So good !! And the choice of the marker color surrounding your subject really makes them pop out. Adds extra energy to the picture overall.

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      I see what you mean, you're right! Thank you so much for the feedback! :)

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        You're welcome !!!! Love your work <3 You're an inspiration. :D