Sally Acorn: Uncomfortably Numb by TheTriforceKid

Sally Acorn: Uncomfortably Numb


24 March 2019 at 15:57:11 MDT

Roboticization has its bonuses, but it has quite a lot of drawbacks, too.

Sally Acorn, Roboticized by Julian, saw herself doing so many evil things, but could not stop it due to the control that Roboticization gave Robotnik over their bodies. Their minds were their own, trapped in a body that would do unthinkable things when ordered. She had to watch herself kill friend,s destroy lives...for several years before Robotnik was defeated, she was his unwitting pawn..but now? Now she has her free will back, and the moment she was able to move on her own, was the moment she broke down and cried, tearlessly, over the pain, the loss, the suffering she endured and caused.

It only made her feel worse, as no matter how hard she cried, no tears would come...she could not feel in the way Mobianns could..her emotions were strong, but her body was designed to not feel pain. She longed to feel a breeze, a hug, a kiss from a loved one. Only time would tell if she would ever be the Sally she once was.

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