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Here Kitty Kitty by thesheeark

Here Kitty Kitty


Changeling battle on the BANshee's Ark! Can Leaufonz adapt to the trained berserker changelings tactics?

The creatures discord has insanely good eyes, I wasn't going to reveal this bit yet, but since they mentioned it I'm just gonna drop this loose quote from the Show Summary:
"Well what happens when you get new generations that have nothing to do with the old days, and they happen to be of opposite sexes? …Hormones…"

Most are unaware of the Docking Station Story (canon game material) so for some lil context you wouldn't otherwise know that makes up this cel: The BANshee already have a gulag, as per the fics and canon material (they have many in fact...). The Shee have already been captured and brought aboard the BANshee Ark at this point, but they've escaped their confines, and the BANshee from across dimensions onboard have been ordered to "do with them as they please" as punishment. As brutal as the BANshee are, this typically means death (may also eat them). This particular BANshee, as represented by her lil cage, intends to keep our "catboy" Leaufonz as a humiliated pet. The Shee's punishment was humiliation above all, so there are various forms of differing punishment others have as well. Namely it gives them a chance to escape when their captors actually stop to utilize stretched out ideas, which ultimately keeps our cast alive and... not dead... as well as a chance to give some comical or intellectual interactions.

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