Quest for Mareanie by TheScatterbrain

Quest for Mareanie


30 November 2016 at 14:25:51 MST

Current Pokemon Sun experience: Multitasking between trying to breed a good female Exeggcute and hunting down a Mareanie with the Merciless ability. The amount of Luvdisc and Magikarps you have to sift through is driving me insane, and considering you can maybe find one Mareanie an hour if you’re lucky, this is going to take a while. Why did I have to fall in love with one of the hardest to catch pokemon in the game? That poor ride Lapras must be so tired of swimming back and forth across Melemele Sea.

Current team actually in my possession consists of Diamanda the Brionne, Jacques the Snorlax and Banana the Oricorio, who is always sleepy for some reason.

(If anyone wants a lvl 1 Exeggcute or a reject Mareanie, let me know)

Because it apparently always helps to complain, I caught a Mareanie with Merciless AND sassy nature in my first fishing encounter after drawing this XD

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    I looked it up after a few attempts'cuz I got impatient and simply found out how Mareanie are generally an SOS with Corsola. I found one in a few minutes afterwards. Then I got lucky and it had Merciless when I caught it. It's been a team staple since.

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    You got me to look up what it was

    It's insidious

    And amazing

    I must get one now.

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      I know right?? The ultimate poison pokemon.

      I was just looking at the base stats and abilities of the new pokemon before the game came out here in Europe, and both the Mareanie line and Pyukumuku stood out to me because of how unusually specialized (and potentially really annoying) they are. Pyukumuku has really good defense, but can't learn a single directly damaging attack - I hope competitive players find come clever uses for it as well.

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        Oh, definitely

        Even Salazzle can be nasty with a Toxic + Venoshock combo, given it's speed and special attack