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Original angels


21 July 2016 at 06:26:25 MDT

Breaking both the fourth wall and the space-time continuum to bring you this mess. Everyone is very confused.

I was thinking about how I'm really glad I've managed to weasel all my original, first angel characters into Rebound, but then I was like, oh wait...

Madison is right, none of the others would exist without her. Balthazar was first created as a supporting character to get her safely in and out of Heaven (something that stopped being relevant a long time ago). They were on friendly terms which is hilarious to think about now, oh my god. The others were created in extension of Balthazar.

Madison is also the reason for many things about how Heaven and angels work in general. She and Maia's old demon character Swanda almost singlehandedly laid out the groundwork for the entire B.I.B.L.E. universe, which is also hilarious to think about.

Kyndrez is Maia's character too and I don't actually remember if he started out as an angel, but he certainly was one long before any of the others showed up.

Oh how things have changed. A lot of Balthazar's more positive character traits migrated over to Jerry so Balthazar became the judgmental, underhandedly mean ass he is today and Jerry became the one trying to help people nobody else wants to help. Jerry just grew up all-around. His original irresponsible, uncaring mannerisms didn't disappear, though, it was just what he was like when he was younger.

Opal started out as just a design, it took a long time to attach a personality to her. I think she was supposed to be the "mom character" (lame), but she wanted it differently and now she's one of those characters I have a hard time describing because she doesn't really fit any typical character roles. Also she would be upset to be called the mom character.

I barely remember what Max used to be like in the beginning, but he started out as a warrior angel? Again, hilarious. I forgot about him for a long time before he abruptly came back as the nosy, corrupt little shit he is now.

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    Heh, I've always loved Balthazar's four ears. They're adorable. :P

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    A black halo? May I ask what that's for?

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      A fallen angel.

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        second favorite character get
        Balthazar is still uncontested for first however

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          Haha, does being a fallen angel automatically equal being favorite-material?

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            You know...
            Thinking about it...?
            Yes. Because I also love the woman fallen angel (shit im bad at names) in your comic
            And I'd probably love the demons more, but from what I've seen so far, they're all jack asses

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              Most of them are jackasses, yes, but I still love them too.

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                I do too, but they're not quite favorite levels