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WE GOT COMPANY! by TheoDaRulah (critique requested)

WE GOT COMPANY! (critique requested)


So these are all my 18 character minus S.I.X. He is excluded cause he is more of a porn thing. It's also some promotional art for a comic project i am working on with all the characters, World Carrier. It was fun to do all this! I hope you guys like it too.

Black Cat on upper left is Cassiope. A witch which is Atlas' rival and she kind of chases him around for a mission to get herself out of a curse.

The Bull is Minos. Atlas' Uncle and known boxer champion. Hermes is his son.

Red Dragon is Ciel. Atlas' friend and classmate in his Animation and Art Schools, who is really chill (Also a p0rn star. :P)

The dark blue Bunny is Genesis. He is Atlas' father, who kicked him out at Atlas' 16th year.

The black and blue spider is Eros, Atlas' godfather and close friend gen, and a closet psychopath of sorts.

The red demon upside down is Varuna. Atlas' Demon self and mentor of sorts.

White Goat is Sap'Phoe. Origins Unknown.

Pink Bunny below her is Aphros. A crossdresser who is a known popstar, known as the female singer Aphrodite.

Bat below Aphros is Hermes. Atlas' cousin and close relative of his They spend lots of time together.

The wolf next to him with the smiley shirt is Chronos. A funky happy-go-luck wolf, who likes dancing and being all fab!

The bunny in the middle is the oh-so-known Atlas, Atty boy!

The bunny alter ago behind him, Incubus! The known asshole alter ego!

The racoon is Rodew, the DJ that makes everyone succumb to his music!

The red bunny next to Incubus is Edward, the pyromaniac ex-bully who can't get enough whips from his cat girlfriend next to him, Harem!

The black dragon who seems like he wonders how did he get into this mess is Hades, cult leader and probably dead by the point this is over.

The Jackalope above him is Uranus, a cult prince of sorts, very powerful!

Next to Uranus is Enceladus! Atlas housemate, and Metalhead half-angel wolf!

All those are characters that will proably want to have a word with you. Heh :P

All Characters belong to me

I drew this, of course

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