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Welcome to French 101


22 February 2016 at 04:23:24 MST

So SWATthefox and I have a Disney AU where Disney characters are professors at a fictional college in a fictional town. So Don HAS to be in it and of course he's the French professor because Don is my favorite and I am French so I'm biased.

Don is a very fun and helpful French teacher...although only if you actually do the work and are a good student. He is not gonna tolerate anyone slacking off with not doing homework or just being lazy in pronunciation. The reason he's so fat is two reasons:
1. Stress. Dealing with students who are bad makes him stressed and so then he stress eats.
2. For extra credit he'll often accept baked assignments. As long as they have to do with French culture. And since French baked goods are pretty unhealthy for you in general, he's got a gut.

Here's a little guide for those who want to know what the French stuff says (going from left to right, top to bottom):
"Bonjour class" - "Hello class"
"Bienvenue à Français 101" - "Welcome to French 101"
"Quelle surprise..." - "What a surprise..."

"Professeur" - "Professor" or "teacher". "Professeur" is the general term for a teacher even for grade school. "Enseignant" is sometimes used but only maybe for like day care or preschool teachers.
"Mardi/Jeudi" - "Tuesday/Thursday"
"Les heures de bureau" - "Office hours"
"Lundi/mercredi" - "Monday/Wednesday"
"Mon courriel" - "My email" (because professors always give out their email for the class)
"Aujourd'hui" - "Today"
"Le syllabus" - "Syllabus" (The summary of what will be covered during the course, the rules for the course, requirements, needed books, etc.)
"Le livre de cours" - "Class textbook"
"Bonjour je m'appelle..." - ""Hello, my name is..." (technically it's more of "Hello I am called...", a more literally translation of "my name is..." would be "mon nom est...")
"L'alphabet" - "The alphabet" (French alphabet isn't that different from English. Only big difference is that we don't really have "k" or "w" except in loanwords. Btw all the accented letters aren't counted as separate letters ever)
"Culture française" - "French culture" (Important in every language class, you need to know the culture)
"Le verbe 'être'" - "The verb 'to be'" (The is generally the very first verb you learn how to conjugate because it's gonna be one of the ones you'll use a lot. Plus it's irregular so it's good to know it right away)

If you're gonna take his class you better be a good studier! ...Or be a good baker. Or both, really get on his good side it'll pay off in the end. He might round up that grade for you (get it? Round?)

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