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The Colosseum Beast (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

The Colosseum Beast (POV vore audio)

The Colosseum Beast (POV vore audio)


Rognash voiced by Rayverak (
Artwork by Efaru (
Original art:

Commissioned by Shorty (
Sound design by MonsterChow

You've snuck into the colosseum where the gargantuan beast Rognash resides. Clambering over the metal fence, you drop down into the dirt of the arena. Sensing your approach, Rognash emerges out from the giant gates and slowly stomps towards you...

“My my my, not too often I get to meet a fan.”

“Are you here because you wish to experience what those sacrifices feel?
How surprising! I mean, I have nothing against it… but I find it intriguing that a creatu re would submit themselves willingly…but who am I to judge?”

“You know there could be someone like you already trapped inside here… surrounded by my flesh. My little secret…”

“There isn’t of course. Todays sacrifices are long gone…and I have an emptiness rrinside of me that needs filling. Take off that false fur and prrrrrrepare yourself to be embraced by your predator.”

“You won’t be cold for too long…”

“Mmmmm…. So Delicious, you’ve earned a place beneath my scales.”

“It would be a shame to snuff out your existence… no, you would make a very good pet. You’re someone who loves being surrounded by their master, am I right, little one?”
“Well let’s get you back inside before you catch a cold.”

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