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Kelvin The Bounty Hunter (POV - Safe) by themonsterchow

Kelvin The Bounty Hunter (POV - Safe)

Kelvin The Bounty Hunter (POV - Safe)


There are 4 different version of this piece:





0:00 -
You thought you could escape by retreating to the nearest abandoned city block. It was the perfect spot to hide out while you awaited your pursuer to lose you. What you weren’t counting on was the advanced tracking technology that he possessed. Even worse, unbeknownst to you, your luck was about to run out.

You run as fast as your legs can take you through a cold, rusted street. In its prime it was bustling with hi-tech humming and the steady drone of citydwellers. But now, the only thing here was the occasional puddle from the recent rains, broken down vehicles, and trashed buildings. Your chest rose and fell with heavy panting, and you tried your best not to trip.

He was hot on your trail, you could hear him taunting you. A towering hunter, relentlessly following you with no signs of tiring anytime soon. Every time you thought you’d given him the slip, he was quick to catch onto your trail again.

0:10 -
You hear him chuckle darkly a fair bit behind you, his voice echoing off the tall metallic buildings.

“Why do you ruuuun? You’re only delaying the inevitable.”

0:18 -
You run a little faster. His footsteps start rapidly approaching from behind. You see in front of you an opportunity; an alleyway! Maybe this was your chance to shake him!

0:23 -
You duck into the alleyway, just in time to hear a heavy buzzing SHINK behind you, barely missing the laser-hot claws that scored the metal walls like butter. A sickening metal shriek resounds behind you as you hear him retract rrrrhis claws from the wall, his pursuit continuing with a snarl.

“Slippery little thing, aren’t you? How fun!” He taunts again.

0:33 -
He’s toying with you. At the end of the alley, you turn, spotting a boarded up doorway. You manage to crawl underneath the boards. It's damp, dusty, and dark, but it beat running in circles. You take cover underneath a desk and hold your hands over your mouth.

1:18 -
Mere seconds later, the hot buzz of claws strikes the boards down with ease, sending them clattering to the ground. And then, the buzzing stops. Did he… send them away?

“Now wheeeere could you have gone?”

He starts humming, and his high-tech visor chirps. You see an orange light illuminate your room. He steps slowly, and casually, into the room. He has a sort of hum in his voice as if he’s enjoying every moment of this a little too much.

1:35 -
You hear him lift up something large above his head and throw it to the side.
“Tsk tsk tsk…”

He steps on some glass, coming closer. You hunker a little more underneath your desk, hoping that he doesn’t hear your shifting.

“I can do this all day, you know. It’s only a matter of time before I-”

1:44 -
You shift agarin, making a small crunch, and you gasp. His sentence cuts off, and there’s a moment of silence.

The footsteps slowly, evenly get closer to you, before he pointedly steps right in front of your desk.
“Hm… What a shame. And here I thought you’d get more creative than that.”

1:58 -
He reaches down and plucks you from your hiding spot, holding you up just out of reach from his face. He stares you down, smirking. He rolls his shoulders and lifts you up a little higher.

“Aahhh I must admit, I have enjoyed our little game! But, all games must come to an end. Now that we’ve had our fun, I think I’ll take you back somewhere private so I can sort out my contract. Buuuuut fiiiirst…”

2:21 -
He opens his mouth in front of you, wasting no time in shoving you in head-first! What the hell is he doing?!

He might be large, but you’re a fair bit more than a mouthful. He swallows again and again, slowly forcing you down.

2:48 -
The pressure, the heat, and the reality of it all is as agonizing as the slow descent.
At last, you plop down in your new ‘containment crell’.

It is cleaner in here than you’ve expected, not that you can really see to judge that. The walls are smooth to the touch, strangely.

But you don’t spend too much time getting familiar with your new prison. You immediately start to struggle.

He pats his gut with a sigh of satisfaction.

“Aaaaall in a day’s work. Ain’t nothin’ like a good hunt to get the blood flowing. Noooow… how about we get somewhere more private? Somewhere we don’t disturb the neighbors.~”

3:17 -
It’s only been a few minutes since you were devoured, and admittedly, being teleported while inside of a stomach was not on your to-do list today. You can only assume that you’ve been taken to this bounty hunter’s spaceship.

3:29 -
He slowly starts to walk to his lounge, humming a sultry tune to himself. He starts removing some of his gear. His headband first, which he places delicately on the table in front of him, and then his gauntlets which thud next to it with a little less care. He sits back and stretches, constricting you further in your confinements. Your struggling resumes.

“Hmmmn—theeere ere we go. That’s better. I have to admit, you’re settling well! These little movements you make are so delectably adorable… Mmmm, if my contract allowed it, I’d be tempted to keep you aaall to myself.”

There is a brief pause, and he mumbles again.

“Speaking of which, I should check on that…”

4:05 -
You hear a strange mechanical beeping, followed by the faint hum of a hologram. He hums lowly as he reads.

“Hmm, lets see lets see,” he mumbles quietly, “Your name, what’s your naaaame… Ah! Here we are.”

Another momentary pause.

4:18 -
“Well well weeeeell, looks like it’s your lucky day. My contract here says you’re wanted alive! Tsk, what a shame, and here I was looking forward to spendin g a niiiice loooong evening with you. Ahhh but we can still have that, I suppose! You are in my crop, after all. Compleeetely harmless… so long as you don’t accidentally slip down below. Hahahah!”

You punch at the walls, earning a… flustered groan from him. He pats you again.

“Now now, settle down in there. Like I said, you’ll be just fine. You’ll just have to get used to it in there for now… at least until my client comes to pick you up. In the meantime… why don’t we get comfy? Maybe I’ll get a nap in. Oh, and don’t try to climb back up, either. My throat is, as you’ve experienced first hand, very strong. And I will notice even if I’m asleep.”

5:36 -
You thrash again, this time a little harder.

“Mmn-! Aaah but keep that up as much as you’d like. I’m going to enjoy this either way.”

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