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Widowmaker vs Tracer (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

Widowmaker vs Tracer  (POV vore audio)

Widowmaker vs Tracer (POV vore audio)


This has two versions:

PixieWillow as Tracer (
TheVoiceVixxen as Widowmaker (

Sound design by MonsterChow
Commissioned by William3833


Widowmaker: Caught in my web again! Tracer, I’m afraid you’re too predictable.

Tracer: Ok I’m feeling some Dejavu here. But I know someone will come and save me.

Widowmaker: There will be nothing left of you by the time the calvalry’s here. You’re all just meals to me.

Tracer: Ow! That’s so silly!. You’d have to - uhm, cut me into pieces and that would take you forever to consume me!

Widowmaker: Tracer, name a time when we ever followed the laws of physics.

Tracer: Well I zip around all the time and you hang mid-air. You do have a poin-

Widowmaker: -And you think I chew my food too? Haha haha! Nonsense, I will have my way with you one way or the other!

Tracer: Now, let's not get too hasty love! I am sure there's something I could do for yo-

Widowmaker: Shhhh., You're wasting your energy. Time for you to go into your new home

Tracer: Now hold on, wait a minute. I am sure we can talk this out!

Tracer:*muffled words*I need help I need help someone anyone. This can’t be happening!

Tracer: Ahh~ this feels so wrong. But yet so good!

Widowmaker:Mph how filling you are! Fighting is pointless now you're all mine

Tracer:I will fight till the cavalry gets here and gets me out of here!

Widowmaker: You truly are a foolish girl, they won’t make time to save your sorry ass. Revenge is sweet and you're mine now!



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