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Takeout The Day (Stuffing + vore audio) by themonsterchow

Takeout The Day (Stuffing + vore audio)

Takeout The Day (Stuffing + vore audio)


You have an Ursa Major as a big, cute and gluttonous roommate. This scene features both eating a ton of food and some vore.

Voice actors:

Cover art by DonRam0n (
Sound design by MonsterChow
Commissioned by CK-19


TAKEOUT: Heh, hey buddy! Sorry about the door back there, gotta watch my “empty belly defense“ you know?

Well, looks like my tank is empty. Guess those guys I took out weren’t as filling as I thought.

Hey, if you need me I’m gonna clear the kitchen again. You know you love to see big bears like me devour every single bit of food back there. Don’t worry, I have a discount on doordash to get more groceries if we, you know, run out. Which we will.

I can tell you’re blushing right now. You know what. Come on here. Rest your head on that big ol’ blubby belly while I gorge myself, huh cutie.

loud burp aaaaaah, what a good meal. Sorry about the fridge back there. Hopefully you got something to eat too cutie, heheheh

Well, looks like I cleared out the kitchen, again. I guess it’s time to call in doordash. You want anything? (Pause for an imaginary response.) Oh sounds good, I could use a dessert.

Yeah I would to order a four gallons of cheese, 58 frozen pizzas – 57 wasn’t enough last time, dozen hamburgers, 10 gallons sodas, four tubs of ice cream. (Fades out.)

Well there you are, do you have any idea how long it has been? I’m starving here!

DELIVERY GUY: S-sorry sir, but you did order a ton of food you know.

TAKEOUT: You know it! Some of it’s for my roommate too.
And you know…. licks chops …your policy says if you guys don’t come within 30mins or less, it’s free right ?


TAKEOUT: Heh, unfortunately you came a minute late. But don’t worry, I think I have an idea to fix that. We can keep this a secret just between us - you under my fat folds, sound good? Great!

Now that hit the spot, cutie. Don’t feel too bad for him. He’ll be part of something greater than himself - me.

And you wanna know something funny? They don’t even have a 30 minute policy. I did you a favor for not paying anything. I just filed a complaint saying that he and the car never showed up, so we don’t have to pay.

You’re welcome bud. You know, since you love my belly so much, why don’t I smoosh you under it, hun?

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