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Naughty List (Vore audio - POV alt) by themonsterchow

Naughty List  (Vore audio - POV alt)

Naughty List (Vore audio - POV alt)


There are two versions of this:

Commissioned by Nem & cover art by Nem:

Original art piece:


Sound design by MonsterChow

Male Thief: "Holy shit! Hey Cass?! Look at this!"

Female Thief: "Ugh.. What? Will you hurry up- Woah!"

Male Thief: "HoHoo! Someone's misplaced a lotta cash!"

Female Thief: "Something about this feels.. off.. Like it's a trap.."

Male Thief: "Relax will ya! It's free shi-ACK!!"

Female Thief: "I told you!.. Now what?!"

Male Thief: "Shut up! Just.. try to shift your arms out..Why do you have to have such massive tits? You're taking up more of this than me.."

Female Thief: "You're one to talk!"

Male Thief: "Hey! These are pecs, I worked for this bod!"

Female Thief: "What the fuck..?"

Kordelia: "Eeee I caught some. Well well well, what do I have here?"

Male Thief: - "L-Look uhhh.. I don't know what you're s'posed to be or.. or if you've got some kinda medical condition with those feet, but if you untie us we'll leave right away! It was her idea anyway!"

Female Thief: "What? Fuck you! This was your idea, not mine!"

Kordelia: "From what I can see, you're both involved in this little pilfering venture, which means you're both accountable and that means you're on my list."

Female Thief: "L-List? What are you talking about?" [Spoken with unease.]

Kordelia: "Allow me to demonstrate for you"

Female Thief: "H-Hey! What are you-H-Holy shit.. S-Stop!"

Kordelia: "I can almost taste the regret!"

Female Thief: "Fuck fuck fuck let me go! I won't ever touch anyone's belongings ever again, I'll start a charity for the homeless, anything! I swear!"

Kordelia: "Hmmm.. We ll.. Since you didn't seem entirely complicit in all of this, maybe I could take another look at my list to double check.."

Female Thief: "W-Well? I'm good right?!"

Kordelia: "Tell me.. Is this you?"

Female Thief: "N-No, not me! I-I don't spell it like that..W-What I'm telling you.. Hey! N-No DON'T-"

Kordelia: "Lying is also a means to be added to my list. I don't even get that much time to enjoy you two.. I've got so many naughties to eat tonight! You're actually more of a snack on the job.."
"Well.. Maybe just a little.."
"Time to make room for the rest!"
"Mmn I'm all soft and pudgey now! At least I won't be cold tonight"
"Enough distractions, time to clean this village out"

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