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Pooltoy Lifeguard Vore (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

Pooltoy Lifeguard Vore (POV vore audio)

Pooltoy Lifeguard Vore (POV vore audio)


For this years Vore Day I wanted to do something that may be a little experimental - a vore scene with a character who doesn't have really have any internal organs - namely a pool toy character. This makes things automatically safe, since you can't be digested by a character that doesn't have a 'real' stomach, rather you're just contained.

00:00 - You're at the pool on a quiet day
00:05 - You run and leap into the pool with a splash
00:13 - Coming up for are you swim to the edge and get out of pool
00:21 - Suddenly a whistle alerts you to the lifeguard having seen you jumping in
0:28 - The lifeguard at this pool is (why not) a giant living pool toy who sizes you up while gesturing to the 'no jumping' sign on the wall
00:34 - You're lifted up and 'eaten' - squeezed inside the rubber throat.
01:00 - And squeeze down into the 'stomach.'
01:07 - Things are quiet and calm as you settle in
01:24 - The lifeguard wades into the pool and enjoys a swim for themselves
01:39 - You can hear as they start swimming around with you inside
02:00 - Things settle down once more. You'll be let out once the lifeguard has decide you've learned your lesson, which might not be until the end of their shift.

Whistle sound recorded by joedeshon
Used under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License

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