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Snackrifice (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

Snackrifice (POV vore audio)

Snackrifice (POV vore audio)


There are two versions of this:

This is a bit more complex piece with four voiced characters in which two demons fight over their meal. If you enjoy this scene, there's another vore scene with some of the same character from the same commissioner here:

Commissioned by Nem & cover art by Nem:

Original art piece:

Jaz & Demoness 1 by Will

Aleisha & Demoness 2 by TheVoreVixxen

Demoness 1: "Almost there cudie pie! ..Ooooooh! I'm so jealous of you, gettin' to spend your last moments with the Princess!~"

Demoness 2: "Hey, not one, but two! [Chuckling to herself] This lucky liddle thing gets to meet Miss Aleisha too.. Well.. Briefly~"

Aleisha : Don't laugh..

Aleisha :Y'know I don't lik e all this added weight.."

Demoness 1: "There they arrreee!~"

Jaz: "Oh hush, hun! You look perfect with a liddle extra fun on your figure. It'll burn off in time anyway.. [A burp from Jaz here~] ..But for now, I'm gonna enjoy it while you have it cu die!~"

Jaz: "..Fatty"

Demoness 1: - "H-Here's the next one Princess! As you willed!~"

Demoness 2: "Yeah, let's see...ah, unauthorized "borrowing" of weaponry from an arena to threaten Demons, Several attempted escapes, Neglect of basirc duties annndddd.. Ooh! Conspiring to, actually.”

Jaz: "Mmnnnn~ An aspiring assassin? I love those. But I think-"

Aleisha : "No. Piss off, not happening.."

Jaz: "Thank you, girls~"

Demoness 1: "C-Could I watch-"

Jaz: "Start fetching the other ones hun."

Demoness 1: "S-Sure! Sure!"

Jaz: "Well? Do I have to eat this one too?"

Aleisha : "Don't act like you've- [A burp from Aleisha here] ..eaten more than me! I'm happy with my waistline as it is!"

Jaz: "You're impossible~"

Jaz: "Since little miss weight watcher here is full, it looks like you'll be my.. 8th course this review hun~"

Aleisha : "yOu'Re iMpOsSiBle”

Jaz: "Mmn~ It's not my fault if my appetite is bigger than yours, sweetie. Bottoms up~"

Aleisha : "Gimme that!!"

Jaz: "You're such a bitch.There was no need to snatch hun"

Aleisha : "Y'know.. I wouldn't be in this mess if you'd stop your teasing.."

Jaz: "Mess?All I see is my cudie eating her fill~"

Jaz: "What's taking them so long? We've got about 30 minutes left of the review...Having a taste of that one's got me hungry again~"

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