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No Need For Blankets (Vore POV audio) by themonsterchow

No Need For Blankets (Vore POV audio)

No Need For Blankets (Vore POV audio)


Vore POV that's actually one long perfect loop where you get swallowed, released and swallowed over and over again.

Commissioned by anonymous
Sound design by MonsterChow

Flavor text to set the scene:
You're on a very large, very soft plush bed in what appears to be a cabin.

(Audio starts)
0:00-0:10 - The nearby fireplace is crackling gently. You can barely hear the howling of a snowstorm outside.
You can also hear what sounds like an enormous stomach growling impatiently.
With you on the bed is a giant creature twice your size! They're eyeing you hungrily - and they already have your legs in their mouth!
0:11 - They begin to slurp you down. With a single gulp they pull you into their mouth up to your waist. Perhaps you're too stunned to offer any resistance?
Or perhaps, you don't want to?
0:19 - After the first swallow, they lean back against the pillows.
0:25 - They slurp more of you down. Only your head and shoulders remain in the giant's mouth now.
0:46 Your legs are already in the giant's stomach, which is already gurgling. The giant gives their belly a good couple pats to let you know the rest of you won't be far behind.
0:56 - With one final, powerful gulp, they slurp the rest of you down.
(Perspective Shifts to Internal)
1:01 Your ears are filled with the sounds of squelching as you are pushed down the giant's throat. You hear their heartbeat grow louder as you slide down. It is slow and relaxed.
1:19 - You slide easily into the giant's stomach, which groans as it closes and tightens around you. Globs of thick, sticky gastric mucus ooze and pool around you.
2:44 - You can hear the giant belch casually and pat their belly.
2:51 The stomach really gets to work now. More mucus dribbles over you as you're squished and churned around. It gurgles and burbles all around you. And through it all, you still hear that slow, relaxed heartbeat.

(Perspective Shifts back to External)
3:22 Your predator is reclining against the pillows, slowly rubbing and patting their engorged belly, clearly satisfied with the meal you provided.
3:29 You start squirming. A final, futile effort to break free? Or are you just rolling over?
3:50 - Either way, it's enough to dislodge a mighty belch from the predator.
The giant continues to enjoy the feeling of you inside them as their stomach gurgles away around you.
4:52 - At length, they smack their belly three times. This is a head's up to you.
5:00 - They lean forward, their you-stuffed gut groaning and sloshing heavily.
5:08 - After a second the predator pushes you out of their stomach and back up their throat.
5:38 - You emerge where you began, with your head poking out the predator's mouth.

(Loop resets)
flavor text
but you hear their stomach growl again and you realize they're not done with you yet.

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