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Lake Otter (POV Vore audio) by themonsterchow

Lake Otter (POV Vore audio)

Lake Otter (POV Vore audio)


Commissioned by and script by TNTc4 -
Voice acting by Blutengel
Sound design by me

Note this one contains explicit digestion!

There's 2 versions of this one:
POV - You are here

0:00 - You wade into the water for a swim, completely unaware of the small lake’s other inhabitant.

0:10 - The silence is broken by the river otter as he surfaces next to you.
“Hey there, didn’t expect anyone to come by today. I'm glad you did though. I'm just getting ready for lunch. You wouldn't mind helping out with that, would you?"

0:35 - The otter suddenly opens his jaws and shoves you in, not taking much time to swallow you down.

1:08 - After a short trip down his gullet you arrive in the otter’s gurgling stomach. You can hear him pat his gut as he starts teasing his most recent meal.
“Ahhh~ absolutely delicious~” Burp Looks like you’re a bit of a fighter too, fine by me, I like a little resistance~”

(Plus some little “oof” and “mmm” noises. Not like he’s getting hurt by their meal - just that he’s enjoying and feeling the mov ements.)

1:58 - “Just keep squirming, keep trying to escape you pathetic little snack.”

2:15 - “Well, it’s been fun, but I think it’s about time for you to digest in there, I need some sustenance from my meals after all. So just relax and let my gut break you down~”
The otter’s stomach starts really working on digesting you now. Stomach acid sizzling slightly around you.

2:30 - He swims to shore to process his meal.

2:55 - “Mmmm~ you can struggle all you want, you’re just delaying the inevitable. You’ll be nothing but mush soon enough. At least people will still admire you once you’re part of me~”

3:25 - “There we go, melting down like the food you are~ I know dissolving in an otter’s stomach acid isn’t really what you wanted to do today... but it’s not like you have much of a choice.”

3:50 - “Welp, it’s been nice knowing you but it doesn’t seem like you have much time left in there. You were a nice lunch at least, I can say that much. I’ll be sure to save your skull once I burp it up and all~
At this point you’ve been completely digested. The otter celebrates his victory over another prey with a hefty belch.
Dialogue: Hefty belch

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