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Cat & Mouse (Vore audio with voice acting) by themonsterchow

Cat & Mouse (Vore audio with voice acting)

Cat & Mouse (Vore audio with voice acting)


All due credit for this one goes to the talented Hestia.I heard her reading of this audio story and thought it'd be even better with a bit of sound design. There's a good chunk of stomach internals (because those are nice) plus there's a little bit extra at the end.

Hestia has made several other vore audio pieces and she has a lot of them available to general public on Patreon:

Lastly Hestia's main Patreon page is here:


Oh it looks like another little critter has fallen into my mousetrap
Let me pick you up and see what the damage is
No no no. Now don’t scream
I want to help you
Hmm. It looks like the trap snapped on your leg. Look how brusied and bloody it is.
You really should’ve paid more attention to where you were going.
Or were you just so hungry you couldn’t think about anything else?
That happens to me too you know.
When I get really hungry I want to devour whatever’s in front of me. Even squirmy little mice
Oh now shh. No no. You’re not a little mouse now are you.
OK then. Now we need to clean that leg of yours.
What? This is the fastest way to get it cleaned up. And the quicker we do this – the quicker we can eat.
I’m sure you’re just as ravenous as I am.
See? Doesn’t that feel good?
I have to say you taste incredible….little mouse.
Sorry but I’ve only caught four little guys today. And I am famished.
Maybe you find something on your way down…before you melt.
Judging by the sound of my tummy and the way you’re sloshing around in there I’d say you don’t have much time left my little mousy man.

Unintelligible dialogue through the stomach

No more struggles? They weaken and digest so fast when I’m hungry.

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