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The Dead Zone by TheMilkman1776

The Dead Zone


The Dead Zone is an entirely new layer of existence in my universe. It's goal is to make the more extreme fetishes nonfatal and a bit more fun and tolerable. I expand my horizon as time goes on.

If you cannot stand to hear me talk about the following, I advise you to click out of this page, please.

This layer also cycles between life and undeath, except it works a tad bit different here.

Snuff: I know there are individuals who get off at the thought/sight of death and dying. So what The Dead Zone does to cater to this kink is place a facsimile in between the two life states to simulate the sting of death as dying would make some orgasm. This pseudo-event takes them immediately from the point of death to being undead, so they can die without actually dying.

Gore/Dismemberment: Some love watching/getting limbs/organs torn from them/others. What happens is after the right events happen to cause faux-death, the body starts growing parts back after being undead for 5 minutes. Hearts, blood, bones, arms, legs, heads, etc grow back onto/into the host. Foreign objects like bullets, shrapnel, needles, etc get pushed out by the growing tissue. Decapitation is also interesting. The victim's body and head remain living, then once the head grows back, the consciousness is transferred from the old head to the new one.

Guys into castration have gotten their dicks chopped off so many times, they could run a "hot dog" social for cannibals. XD
Same for guys that have had their balls crushed. They always grow back, so no harm truly done much to the joy of their master/mistress.

Asphyxiation/Hanging: Some enjoy the extreme pleasure of auto-erotic asphyxiation. What goes on with these noose-sluts is quite unique. Their choking and have their air cut off, then start suffocating BUT the layer of existence maintains their lungs's oxygen at a level that won't cause agonizing pain, but still give the feeling of choking. It's not uncommon to see deviants hanging by their necks for hours while their genitals grasp the full benefit. You even hear them wheeze words through their constricted airways whilst hung. In a winded fashion they'd say "It f-feels choking breath so good. T... try it some- choking breath sometime."

Vore Tie-ins with The Gastral Plane: Some people can choose to experience the pain that stomach acid brings, but that's only by their will and theirs only. Otherwise, digesting doesn't hurt at all as per the laws of The Gastral Plane.

I don't much like drawing something extreme until I get input from my fans. I wouldn't want to frighten or shock people. So, what do you think of this layer and the way it's making death and so non-lethal?

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