Armello Rabbit Clan- Leonard by TheLeonard

Armello Rabbit Clan- Leonard


23 May 2016 at 19:03:41 MDT

Sooooo... A rabbit is my next unfortunate transformation.   Rhos designed and drew this in the style of the game "Armello", which she and I think is an absolute blast to play. I think Leonard would fit very well in the game, maybe side by side with Barnaby, as his taller, older, but equally as annoying fellow Rabbit Clan member.

But in all seriousness, how can you not just fall in love with that face?! Who would have thought I'd look so roguishly dashing as a bunny? I bet he ponytails his ears.

Update-- In the tune of Robin Hood's opening song, written by   krusaderofcenty

Bunny Lellart, cottontail
Hoppin through the forest,
Laughing back and forth
At how he’d done just got away.
Lotsa boastin’, chest-a-puffin’,
Having such a good brag
Oodelally Oodelally
Golly what a day.
Never ever thinkin’ there was danger in the forest
Cotton tail kept bopping around
Never dreamin’ that a droolin’ dragon crept up closer
Mouth wide open, ready for the prey.
Happy Tark picks his teeth
Lumberin’ out the forest,
Lil’ skip, a chucklin’ fit
How Lellar’ tried to get away.
Contemplatin' nothin'
But ‘is gold an' stealin’ more o’ it
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day

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