Dreams, Hypes and Insiders by TheLaserBeam

Dreams, Hypes and Insiders


31 August 2015 at 13:01:41 MDT

.... Multiple Characters from multiple universes! and a crappy background can be seen here x3
why these characters? why are they doing weird stuff? only insiders will understand... nuff said

well ... O_O some characters I drew the first time... so they might be.... kinda... weird looking? maybe? ........ a little c****y
nevermind... anyways It took me a lot of time... hell yes... I hope this wont confuse you too much O_O'' it doesn't make any sense at all D: !!!

time to give some credits
from left to right


-Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, Marionette (c) Scott Cawthon (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)
-Dolvin (aka Julian) which is me (c) me
-Maranet (swag version of Marionette) (c) Firestar2244 (on deviantART)
-Rainbow Dash (c) Hasbro (My Little Pony)
-Galiel, Tiara (c) Australian Film Finance Corporation / Mediaworld / Jonathan M. Shiff (Ocean Girl)
-Banana (c) Mother Nature
-Laser Beam (c) TheLaserBeam me
-Band Aid (c) Coco-rrupted (on deviantART)
-Babs Seed (c) Hasbro (My Little Pony)


-Serious Sam (c) Croteam (Serious Sam Games)
-Handsome Jack (c) 2K Australia/ Gearbox Software / Aspyr Media (Borderlands the Pre-Sequel)
-John aka. Aqua Grunt (c) Nintendo / GAME FREAK inc. (Pokémon) (name "John" given by Coco-rrupted )
-Sandvich (c) Valve (Team Fortress 2)
-Springtrap (c) Scott Cawthon (Five Nights at Freddy's 3)
-Grendel (c) Telltale Games (The Wolf Among us)
-Rufus (c) Daedalic Entertainment (Deponia)
-Blue Screen (c) Microsoft (Windows)

lots of credits.... WELL...... its done


Art (c) TheLaserBeam (me)