SpitFire Drake by TheGoldenLegend

SpitFire Drake


19 July 2019 at 11:02:55 MDT

Command Name: Spitfire Drake
Appearance: Long slender snake like body with long legs, owl like front paws, and dark diamond scale patterns. Feathers running down the head to the tail, some feathers on the front arms. Wingless. Cat like eyes and long fangs that go on below the chin, hidden snake fangs that can spit venom and long slender tail and hooked claws. (Scale colors: Dark/light green, dark/light blue, teal, light/dark russet, maroon, red, brown, Light/dark yellow, grey, and black or white)
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Dragatoh
Class: Reptile
Diet: Carnivorous- small mammals, fish, carcasses, large mammals if starving.

Habitat: Jungle, redwoods, dense forests.
Temperament: Opportunistic (Aggressive)
Speed: 35 Mph
Length: 15’ – 17’ chest to tail tip / 6’ – 7’ head to toe.
Mass: 1300 lbs
Offspring: 1 – 5 eggs
Life span: 200 years
Venom: The venom on this drake can take effect right after the bite, the beginning symptoms usually start with bleeding from a number of orifices including the mouth (gums), gastro-intestinal bleeding, bleeding from the urethra, ears, nose, and eyes --- dizziness, confusion, and weakness. After half an hour or more (if you aren’t already dead), the following symptoms are paralyzation, difficulty breathing, seizers, hallucinations, coma, and death.__Spitfire Drakes can spit venom. If the venom lands on open skin, it will begin eating away the flesh and causing severe damage with the skin, muscle, and bone. If it hits the eyes, it will blind you.

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