Firecracker the Bull Terrier by TheFursuitDen

Firecracker the Bull Terrier


25 April 2018 at 15:28:04 MDT

This boy is my first ever fullsuit and my 5th fursuit partial. <3 I am very happy with him and had a blast wearing him around Furthemore. (The tail hole issue has been fixed)

He is now looking for a new home. If you're interested, please check out his auction here! (

His features:

  • Magnetic ears
  • Squeaker nose
  • Stompy feet
  • Semi moving jaw (opens a bit when human jaw is fully extended - for photos))
  • Gold and white plush teeth
  • Plush tongue
  • Silicone paw pads
  • Balaclava base
  • Buckram follow-me eyes