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WaterBear Watcher by TheEvilTeaDrinker

WaterBear Watcher


3 July 2014 at 22:52:02 MDT

Started this sketch this morning and finished up the lineart and coloring in my livestream today~! Luckily was able to show the process more after ..two hours of streaming and no one showing up due to deviantart lagging on submissions. Haha, So much love for that.. completely.. yep.

However, it was fantastic to actually finish a piece during a stream~! Especially with all the people that showed up and hung out with me the whole time while I worked on this piece.

Those adorable babies there around Almaca are a species created by my friend Joydroid called water bears, don't be mistaken though, they don't stay small for long.

I really had much too much fun with the coloring in this one, I couldn't resist playing with some brighter happier hues. A whole rainbow why not! I have been seeing so many colorful deviations all day I just had to give it a shot myself. Have to say I was pleased with the result!

This has to be one of my favorite deviations I have done in so long and a perfect jump back to my art after a long art block.

Look forward to making more with you peeps in my next few livestreams~!

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