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Metallix Trio by The CS

Metallix Trio

The CS

Oops. Couldn't resist. After some lengthy discussion about a few throwaway Fleetway Metallix robots that only appear for a few pages, I kind of just...................... picked them up.

Brief version of the story is that at some point, a couple of Metallix robots - the only ones that weren't around to be erased since they were outside of space-time when Sonic and co fixed the past - eventually end up dropping into the Grim Zone through a portal, carrying the broken remains of their destroyed companion (damn it Grim Zone stop having such an unstable portal structure). Alloy takes them in and they quickly "adopt" him into their Brotherhood, which strikes him as a bit strange but doesn't bother him overmuch. Eventually, their fallen ally gets repaired using some leftover Metallix parts found in a thrift shop, making them a little squad of three.

Over time, they all become more unique as individuals and do their best to help protect the Grim Zone and maintain the power plant. Sometimes they get up to dumb antics or get in trouble, but they're trying.

I'm too tired to write up full bios right away, so I'll put some bullets down to start:

Metallix that originally tried to stop their hacked teammate from firing in the comic. Is the most curious, adaptable, and social of the three. Comes to enjoy bright colors and competitive sports.

The Metallix that was blown up by their teammate in the comic. Is later repaired using Metallix parts that are actually pieces of their late father-figure, Emperor Metallix, which gives them extra computing power but leaves them incompatible with a chest/back turbine. Though this leaves Prince unable to fly, they consider being fixed with the emperor's parts a privilege and work to their strengths. They're the most calculative and quiet of the group.

The Metallix that was hacked in the comic. Probably the most "default" of the three and is aggressive, energetic, and prone to getting in fights. Despite this, they're probably the most occupied with keeping their fellow brotherhood members safe from harm. Is particularly protective of Prince out of guilt.

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