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You Keep Dirtying up our Floors Nack! by the-cobalt-nocturne

You Keep Dirtying up our Floors Nack!


15 December 2013 at 13:09:01 MST

Dammit Nack! No matter how many times we tell you, you keep messing up our white carpets with your dusty feet! Its time you learned your lesson!

Well, small time gangsters need their disciplinary systems too. He's such an overconfident little prick too, he had this coming ;) Karl will be punishing Nack by dusting his feet clean. Generously. For hours. Or until he passes out. Whichever comes last :3

I love that little narcissistic x3 He should be humiliated more often.

So yessss. Enjoy Nack's demise ;)