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[SFM]Monkey Khan's Therapeutic Sessions #1 (Front) by TheCheshireGuy

[SFM]Monkey Khan's Therapeutic Sessions #1 (Front)


These are a continuation of sorts of those cool posters I did a long time ago featuring Monkey Khan's model from Xabin.

I've decided to make a few more posters featuring him enjoying the nice weather of the forest to relax a bit with some exercises.

Meanwhile, we appreciate how much cute he is, and enjoy the view, heh. 😉

Map and Models used in this poster:

Map is The Hidden Forest (Day Version) - SFMLab by FutanariaFan. Night version can be also found in the same place - The Hidden Forest (Night Version)

That Monkey Khan model is from Xabin/SynjoDeonecros, which can be found below:

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