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[SFM] Bendy's Show #3 (Front) by TheCheshireGuy

[SFM] Bendy's Show #3 (Front)


Okay, now this is becoming creepy really fast. Where did these imps came from !? And what do they want with us !?

Bendy is too distracted to notice this...or is he aware of these participations on his show ?

Map and Models Used In This Poster:

Bendy's model is a headhack which mixes four different models:

Body and Tail - Uses KM Mario and Impmon models respectively made by the one and only KabalMystic, and can be found in his journal below:
KabalMystic's Official Model Downloads [SFM]

Head - Uses [BaTIM] Bendy Pack by KaylinYGO (and so does the other Bendies in the posters)

"Bendy and The Ink Machine" Franchise © Kindly Beast (Joey Drew Studios Inc.)