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[SFM] X-Mas 2K22 Reunion #8 - X-Mas Tea Party by TheCheshireGuy

[SFM] X-Mas 2K22 Reunion #8 - X-Mas Tea Party


So, with Christmas around the corner I've decided to make some posters for the occasion, and like those from Halloween it's gonna be one poster per day until December 25th, featuring some character you probably have seen in other posters done by me, The Cheshire Guy!

All of them are reunited in this house celebrating Christmas and spending some good time together, which's Christmas is all about: forget about the problems and let at least some happiness enter inside your heart and mind even if you're on your own. Always remember that more important than getting that PS5 or Nintendo Switch you always wanted is the gift of life, so you can keep dreaming with better days and fighting the good fight.

Merry Christmas to Everyone, and also have a great 2023! 💖💖💖

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