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[SFM]Pepe Le Handsome Skunk #2 #Skunktember(Front) by TheCheshireGuy

[SFM]Pepe Le Handsome Skunk #2 #Skunktember(Front)


I've decided to make a few more posters for Skunktember this month, and this time it's the turn of everyone's favorite skunk guy, Pepe Le Pew.

The second and last batch of posters I did for this little guy. Enjoy!

Happy Skunktember! 🦨🦨🦨

Map and Models Used In This Poster:

Map is Rapture Room by Yhrite and Jappen

Pepe Le Pew's model is a combination of two separated models:

Head and Tail - Uses Looney Tunes - Pepe Le Pew model by JCThornton @ deviantART | JCThornton @ Steam which can be fouund below:

Body - Uses Kit The Fennec model made by Xabin/SynjoDeonecros/XabinOtter and can be found below:

KM Model Pack

"Looney Tunes" Franchise and Characters © Warner Brothers