Police Force Commissions Are OPEN $80 USD by theblackrook

Police Force Commissions Are OPEN $80 USD


4 June 2015 at 09:27:47 MDT

Police Force Alpha; Officer Ras

So for everyone who does not grace me with their presents in my journals, I am posting this to alert you that I've officially opened Police Force Soft Shade commissions. I'd been seeing these around and I decided I wanted to draw one for myself, but then I thought; welp I'd better get permission. So after e-mailing Takemoto Arashi and finding out 1. that he's super cool and doesn't mind anyone drawing the uniform and 2. he actually knew of my art... 'SWEET', I decided to throw this little shin dig.

So what you are purchasing isn't just a single image, it's a spot in a bigger desktop background I will be making out of all the participants. And personally, I would really love the support right now cause May has been hell and June cost

Officer Ras is the creative property of rosa_ranmaru

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    Honestly, this police force thing is the weirdest meme I've ever encountered. But then, so also were the Dad sweatshirts or whatever.

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      weird. the uniforms look cool, what's weird about cool

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        The uniforms do look cool, I just didn't know how it became a Thing until it did. Hence, to me, weird.

        But then, not being a visual artist, I didn't see it and think "I want to make x in this outfit" which is probably why it blindsided me.