Katana Rose: Brought To Life MFF 2013 by ThatDr.PepperFur

Katana Rose: Brought To Life MFF 2013


22 January 2014 at 21:23:53 MST

Started as an idea
Inspired from arito's Lewis Fursuit and many things that describe myself
Drawn on paper
Given a name
Became my Main fursona
-June 2012-
Small changes since her original creation
Looked around for a suit maker
Came across autumnfallings
Sent in a quote
Got approved
Got ref, sheet
Excitedly watched as WIP photos came rolling in
MFF 2013 Picked her up
Suited in her for the first time
Got a bit teary eyed
Love my suit so much and so happy with how she turned out and the ~to date~ journey i've had so far in creating her and drawing her and watching as an idea of mine came to life.


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    what type of fur is this? Oxo this babe is to cute!!!!