Chaman Troll by thanriu (critique requested)

Chaman Troll (critique requested)


28 May 2013 at 10:51:58 MDT

that there are guys? 8D, today I bring you another Fan-art of the game Transformice, joderr... If it has flawed me X3... bueh, drawing is dedicated for 2 friends of the game, which flies through the air is kin-kan (Deviantart) evading the Cannonball chamana troll that is veveve1234 (Deviantart) and the title put him by him sits to as is She X3...

and which receives and flies through the air because of the Cannonball I am! 8DUu, cannot always avoid it due to my lagg eweUu (I'm Laggman XD)

Anyway, I hope the drawing you like while it is something quick eweUu

Art-work and Thanriu: Thanriu

made in: Photoshop CS5 and Easy Paint Tool Sai

Kinxkan: kin-kan


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